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String Joy – with the rest of the First Friday in June Images

Jun 15, 2022

Bands, bands, bands, on every block. I call the intro image String Joy after both the shirt and expression this guy is wearing. Tired and dragging our feet, on our way out, we noticed First Friday seemed to have expanded another block, so we took that route out. Music, food, booths, everything. Didn’t get the name of the band, but they were definitely rocking it. The guy in the second shot, on the sax, was standing right next to String Joy. I will try to add a name to the band – I just need to get this posting up and finish up on this First Friday’s images.

The big tent on Pennington was featuring, at least when we were there, Joe Keys and the Late Bloomer Band. l posted a shot of the group a couple of First Fridays ago, ok quite a while timewise, so I’m focusing on Joe Keys here He cuts quite a figure.

;Below is the lead singer, and evidently keyboard player combo, for Freezer Burn. They had the prime spot opposite Josephs. It’s not unusual at all to see couples getting up to dance in the street here – see the couple below below. Hey, it’s Havre de Grace, just do your own thing

Again, these have been added to the First Fridays folio HERE