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A Batch of Random Rogue Rehearsal Shots – as I put finishing touches to the pdf ebook

Jul 12, 2022

Finally able to get back to finishing up the pdf ebook for Rogue’s The Next Chapter Unfolds. I immediately found 10 rehearsal images not previously used that I think would be fun to add – so here they are. While all at one drop here, I’ll have to make it two posting the same day on Facebook – these “kids” are local. In the intro shot the musicians take to the stage to get things set up for the first time. Lilli is setting up her rehearsal evaluation table, and heaven only knows what the heck Brian is up to over there.

Below Directors KT Gordon and Lilli Burril are joined by Musical Director Scott Kukuck and Sound Director Alex Paul as they start bringing things together:

Two perspectives on Keyboard man Jason Bock

Scott blowing his horn and Caleb rehearsing I know not what being KT and Lilli comparing notes:

Bre – such an expressive face whe she sings, always something different:

JimmyO on drums before he grew his beard back and Marion (Moxie) practicing her rollerskate moves:

Last but hardly least is Havre de Grace’s own, unstoppable April Monique (Burril) taking a quick rest break. No idea that anyone is looking, let along snapping a picture: