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Seeking Feedback, Names, Information – Easter Island Project Volume III

Jul 27, 2022

Herein is a link to a (very) rough draft of the upcoming (free) pdf eBook / final collection of our Easter Island images from 2006 through 2016. I am seeking names, information, feedback, etc. The most needed identifications, etc. are circled in red on the pdf file. This is low resolution, converted from the potential book file – the book is limited to 120 pages. So the fila pdf eBook will be able to be expanded to allow more images to be displayed larger.

If you would like to help, simply click below and download the draft pdf. Any information needed is noted on the file.


At the same time I am adding the newer images to the Island folios here on the web site. There will be more following the addition of the more than a dozen shown here. Easter Island Folios index pageI opened with an addition to the Roberto Pakomio collection – recovered from an accidentally tilted exposure that I wound up liking only half corrected. I call it Roberto’s “Huaaa Moment”.

Three more from the Akivi 50th anniversary celebration:

A Tapati 2007 parade shot & Katalina in 2008 at Terry’s place dancing:

These three are from a Poike ride in 2009 to the "Map of the Stars"

And a slew more from the four School Day Celebrations we were priveleged to be on Island to attend:

I am adding these to the tail end of the folio for now, but will later rearrange the folio to reflect the arrangement in the pdf.

The final version of the pdf will be posted here for download as soon as it is finished.