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Some Rogue candids – and progress report

Jun 30, 2022

I am considerably increase the body of Rogue Swan rehearsal images for The Next Chapter Unfolds. Anything related to the number Smooth Criminal was omitted from pre-performance postings – Rogue wanted this to be a surprise. At the same time I’m mining exposures for interesting candids to add to the pdf ebook of the project – that is approaching completion. The intro shot here shows KT Gordon and Jess Langley as they line up for program portraits. Below, Bre joins Scott immediately after he had his portrait taken.

Here’s a shot of Lilli helping to lace up Bre’s costume at the next rehearsal:

While this was happening Nate and Brian were taking something of a relaxing break:

As I finish these up they are being added to the Next Chapter folios HEREthe rehearsal images are also accessed upper right from the performance page

I know there have been delays on this – couple of reasons. While all this was happening, I was changing computers / hard drives / on-line backup / etc. A folder of these images wound up misplaced, giving me the impression that they were done. The good news for me is that I finally got out from under that fifty fusion drive and have the fastest, smoothest running machine I’ve ever had. Then recently I ran into a resurgence of an old health issue that kept me from sitting at the computer for a number of days. I’m working to catch up now.

Site note: oops, when I restructured my Havre de Grace folios index page, I left off the link to the Saturday Market folio. Not a large collection of images, but totally missing for a couple of months. Fixed it.