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The Hushdown, First Friday – April and JimmyO

Jul 7, 2022

This finishes my First Friday performance portraits of The Hushdown. April goes first here, duh - she’s definitely the pretty one of the pair. Hers was the trickiest. She was in red and blue light for this one, creating a lot of brush work. Nan’s fault, she insisted on this particular exposure. I agree though, it was a good choice.

JummyO, her husband, is on drums in the back. Sometimes it can be a frustration getting a clear shot. This time I was able to zoom in under Jeremy whenever he stepped back – which was often because, fortunately, he moves around a lot.

Two things left to do here: finish up on the rest of First Friday and open a separate Hushdown folio. These are added, with the others, to the First Friday folio HERE