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The Hushdown, First Friday – Kali and Jeremy

Jul 6, 2022

I’m suddenly limited somewhat as to computer time for a bit, so these are coming out a little slower than usual. Here are two more from the Hushdown shoot on First Friday. The intro shot is Kali (Kali Hinkel), lead singer. It helped to be shooting her at an angle, getting me a ready dark background to the light on her hair and limiting mic blockage. Interesting phenomenon that the majority of singers seem to shift the mic off to the left rather than the right – making it a total wipe-out to shoot from their left (mostly).

Below, Jeremy (Jeremy Hicks-Kasik), lead guitar and sometimes vocals – I read on line he writes some of the music. I wanted to get this shot with his hat still on – he often removes it later in a show, resulting in long hair flying everywhere. I have those shots elsewhere.

Since this was a free First Friday performance, I’m adding the images to the First Friday folio HERE…, as well as initiating something of their own folio. I’ll finish these up with JimmyO and April next.