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Really Big Chair – a First Friday thing?

Aug 8, 2022

I love it when something comes to First Friday here in Havre de Grace that I look for every time we go back. An art booth showing work by a young artist named   Vasia Rowson sports a really big folding chair for her to sit in. She’s rather tall, so it isn’t much of a problem for her, but when Nan was offered an opportunity to climb in, she used a step-ladder – and then she had to stretch her arms to the max to get them on the arm rests. Image below:

The intro image is of another young artist sharing the booth, so I asked her to sit in the chair for a shot – she has such great eyes. Both images were a little wider, but the chair dwarfed them too much not to crop in – especially Nan.

First Friday in September, that chair will be on the list of things I’m looking to check out – along with the Drum Circle, Street Chess, etc. Just maybe there will be another opportunity for a shot – something where I can back up and get the whole thing in…

Both added to the First Fridays folio here

p.s. I’m adding the shot of Paul Wilkinson playing at the Saturday Market to the collection in the folios on the blog here