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Two more from First Friday in August

Aug 15, 2022

Got distracted with the complexities involved in bring the final Easter Island pdf together and forgot to post these from First Friday in August. This is Saxl Rose, on Franklin Street outside Creole de Gras. Definitely a worthy draw to get people to leave Washington Street. There was food and dancing in the street. I took a shot of him while leaving last First Friday, but this time worked a little longer trying to capture his concentration.

Below, I again caught Duke Thompson in the Drum Circle. The sun is still on him, as the shat approaches from the back. This time I waited for him to spot me – then clicked. I was trying out my Fuji 16-80mm lens, a 26 to 120 equivalent zoom that I definitely should not have shied away from. This is now my First Friday lens.

Added to the First Friday folio HERE