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Another New Face, a Replacement Cast Intro and Three go Aaaaaaah

Sep 27, 2022

The band rehearsal garage gets tight. For all three of these I had to get right in their faces, with a wide angle (not the most flattering way to shoot people) at extreme iso. The opening image I took last week, the matching expressions come from some kind of held chant. At least they weren’t moving much. The second shot, below, is a new face in Rogue Swan that I’m addidg from this week – you can’t have haunting music without at least one violin. This young lady is Hannah Potts.

Rogue band veteran Matt Cassarino showed up with the coolest old sax I’ve ever seen. So I decided to replace his cast-intro shot, getting low, right in his face with the wide angle. 

Added to the Silver Scream folio on the blog HERE… the cast pictures in with the Rogue ladies and Rogue gentlemen at the beginning.