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Introducing More Silver Scream Cast

Sep 24, 2022

Six more ladies and one gentleman. And I happen to know there will be more. This production has more cast than most – possibly because so mano of them become un-dead during the course of the story. Rough to select an intro shot this time – I picked a new face, Megan Fannin, because she seems to be enjoying her “witchiness” so much.

The next two aren’t new faces, but not as often seen on stage. The first is Jazz, daughter of JimmyO and April – the second Lilli, one of the driving forces behind the scenes in Rogue Swan:

New face in Roger Swan Sam Marshall – and Natasha Herlinger, a regular in the band.

And another Rogue gentleman: Jess Hutchinson – notice I don’t worry as much at being “kind” to the guys.

Added to the fore of the Folio HERE – working to get grab shots of the cast on the first page – now to get to the good stuff…

Site Note:

With two major Rogue Swan shows this year, not to mention everyting else, the Blog has accumulated a huge number of posts. At some point I’ll have to think about starting the 2022 pdf archive of postings with maybe the first half of the year – just to unclog things a bit.