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Introducing the Ladies of the Silver Scream – so far

Sep 11, 2022

I showed up at the first two of the rehearsals, and noticing that there were some new faces this year, decided to do up a series of formalized grab-shot portraits to introduce the cast. They certainly aren’t what they would have expected, but hey, it is for the Halloween show. The intro shot is of Katie, of course. She’s the heart and soul of the troupe. I may not remain among the living for long when she sees this one, but I like it.

Emily (no last name yet) and Marion (Moxie) Jackson – she caught me and smiled, darn her.

Then Jess Langley is back, here along with another newbie Stephanie Millward

A couple more newbies, the very expressive Melissa Fazzino and Sasha Reddy

And the inimitable, Havre de Grace’s own Belly Dance queen, April Moniquen Burril:

These have been added to the front of the Silver Scream rehearsal images HERE