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James And April – a Sequence

Sep 14, 2022

I’d almost forgotten how much fun the run-up to a Rogue Halloween performance can be. At the same time I’m working with a new (used) lens that is proving perfect for tight rehearsal spaces. No more taking both a wide angle and telephoto – the Fuji 16-80 (24 to 120 equivalent) is proving to be the one lens solution.

The opening shot shows Katie’s script coming in from the right – where she is overseeing a run-through of the scene. L.H. James and April Burril are pros, already ready to take on the role completely. So I decided to include four more from the sequence:

That’s Lilli taking a video in the background, every move is reviewed…

All that’s left to post from the first couple of rehearsals is shots of the gentlemen, so-far…

Again, added to the folio HERE