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More from First Friday

Sep 7, 2022

No theme for this post, just four images I particularly like. Difficult to choose an intro shot – but I opted for this grab shot where the subjects spotted what I was doing. First try the child hand’t caught on yet, but by the time I took this one she was up for it. What with the harsh sun and shadows I expected some hard work ahead – then found practically nothing to do.

The next shot is from the Drum Circle – the whole family. I identified with this bunch, we had three girls close together like that. Just wait until they have three teenage girls, in different stages, all at once. Precious!

I always looking for Street Chess shots. This one includes the fellow who seems to be the one responsible for setting up the sets on First Fridays.

Finally, Nan wanted me to make another try to capture this young lady and her :shoes”. I wasn’t sure about the shot, but found something I like about the composition, patters, etc. Same lady as in a shot from July First Friday (in the Folio also).

Al in the First Friday Folio HERE