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Rogue Swan – Some Some Silver Scream First Run-thru Shots

Sep 11, 2022

I’ve attended two rehearsals for Rogue Swan’s upcoming Halloween show Silver Scream now. What I thought I’d do is start off with a few more fun shots. If anyone considers getting tickets to the Milburn Stone Theater for this not all that tempting, perhaps some of these images will give some idea of how much you just might be mission. Halloween is special for the Rogue family – many of them celebrate Halloween from Labor day through Christmas. This is their specialty. The intro shot shows Katie reading the script as a group, some old hats and a few newbies, taking their first crack at a scene that, at least seems to me, to be one of organized chaos.

The next four images show close-up pairings of expressions. I had a lot of fun trying to get these. There’s something very cool about watching the first time something is tried, then the second, etc.

Above Caleb puts on the charm, but Melissa isn’t having it – while Scott, who looks like he will need makeup to look either scary or scared is behind Stephanie. Below, Sasha and Jess look like they see a ghost – and Alex joins Scott lookimg at this point like they’re enjoying themselves

For next time I’m putting together something of a cast-so-far set of portraits – though not the looks they might select for themselves, he he.

With these I’m setting up a Folio for the Silver Scream rehearsal images HERE