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Silver Scream – First Peek

Sep 4, 2022

Thought I’d follow the progress of another upcoming performance from our local vaudeville troupe Rogue Swan. Just one shot to start things off. The show is called "Silver Scream” and will be performed this time at the Milburn stone Theater in Northeast in October – no one does Halloween events like Rogue Swan. This is L.H. James (I wonder why he always seems to play a bad guy) and April Monique (who disguised as a local belly-dancer) at the first rehearsal. Obviously the experienced players begin taking on thier roles right from the start.

Early rehearsals generally don’t show much, but I’m sure I’ll find some interesting shots, and there are some new faces to introduce. I’m looking forward to all the hard work ahead.

Looks like I’ll be starting a new Rogue folio soon…