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Our Christmas Parade at ISO 25,600 – Breaking in the Fuji X-t5

Jan 11, 2023

The camera was brand new so I decided to break it in shooting a series of exposures at ISO 25,600 at the Christmas Parade. Of course I almost immediately discovered that the software I use to squeeze water out of a rock (decent exposures from extreme ISO) couldn’t yet open the RAW files. Oops. It would be ten days into January before the update showed up. Locally I often find myself shooting in extremely low light, hence high ISO. The difference between my X-t3 and the X-t5 is a somewhat improved sensor and a resolution jump from 26 to 40 megapixels. I am finalluy able to see what this puppy can do.

The crowd was horrendous – with lots of kids. I took most of these shots by holding the camera over my head – I have a thing about getting in front of people just because I have a camera. So sometimes what I get is something of a surprise. The opening image catches the always charming Rebecca Jessop, Director of the Havre de Grace Arts Collective, seasonally dressed.

A few more images below – all of them added full size to the front of the Christmas Parade folio HERE

Santa and Mrs. Claus:

Early on, waiting for the Parade to begin:

The always present family train ride:

Im not sure, but he looks cool:

I guess JimmyO is now our official Grinch – though it seems like a downgrade to go from last-year’s scooter to draging his drum:

Princess from Frozen and I assume a local Hockey team:

Just enjoying the ride:

This upcoming weekend was supposed to be an opportunity to put the camera through its paces – with Rogue Swan and Hushdown performances. But COVID had raised its ugly head again.