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Silver Scream passed-up and overlooked gems from rehearsal…

Jan 6, 2023

A collection of passed up and overlooked gems from Rogue Swan Silver Scream rehearsals. Most are from September, a few from October and two from dress-rehearsal. Now I can begin putting together (in my so-called spare time) the pdf Rogue Swan Enters the Silver Scream eBook. The intro shot is from an October rehearsal at Concord Point Coffee in town. How the heck did I miss this one?



Dress Rehearsal

All added to the rehearsal section of Silver Scream images HEREfull size

Site Note: January adjustments

    1– assembled all 2022 blog posts into one PDF and included it on the Archives page.

    2– reduced blog pages archived to now begin in September (with Silver Scream postings).

    3– updated Rogue Swan index page.

Working on:

    1– PDF book file of Silver Scream images (I need to finish up some left behing rehearsal shots first).

    2– HB of volume III Easter Island images (awaiting anual sale from printer).

    3– and new shooting opportunities coming already this month