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Halloween in Havre de Grace – it's coming…

Oct 9, 2023

This was taken on First Friday in October in Havre de Grace. The newest of JimmyO Burril’s painted street decorations sits behind the bench on the central corner downtown (ok, the walkway there does have a little slant to it). As usual, the steets were full, and I looked around for someone dressed to fit the moment. People were actually standing in line at one point with their phones to take pictures of one another sitting in front of the cast of horror characters (in color, I’m sure). 

I asked the young lady here – never even got a name but I did learn where to find her – to sit there for a shot and she graciously consented, with the vampire’s hand hovering right over her head. Nan had already spotted her, and fell in love with her hat. I’m sure I owe Jo Retro a plug here, in that I she works there and was evidently going to be late returning from her break due to me, oops. Jo Retro, the name says it all, manages to double as a major tourist attraction here (they also get two blocks closed off twice a year for Pyrex Festivals – cool).

I have a couple of other fun shots from October’s First Friday, but I wanted this one to stand alone… This one, full size, will be added to the First Friday folio with the next posting…