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Very Cold but Worth it…

Nov 30, 2023

I took my camera out at night, at 27 degrees and windy, to take a few shots of Liz Millers dance and recital at the Hays House on the HCC campus. The performance very effectively brought to the fore the holding and mistreatment of slaves at the site. While I felt priveleged to be one of the couple of dozen brave souls attending, and was appropriately bundled, my hands almost froze off my body – just try and operate a camera with gloves on. Guess who was first to make it back indoors to the Gallery exhibit (in the Student Center) afterwards.

It was dark. the only lights were from the platform, the two in her hands and a couple of phones being held by co-conspirators. Needless to say, it was something of a challenge. This is some of the most extreme iso shooting I’ve done. Click on Ms. Miller’s name above to go to her web site. I really like these enlarged to about 15x18 – pretty much a maximum for them.

For now I’ve added these full size to the front of the Misc Events folio HERE… I generally stick to defining my “local” shooting as relating to Havre de Grace – but HCC is something of an extension of all Harford County communities.