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How do YOU wait for the parade?

Feb 25, 2023

Finishing up with B&Ws from our own Havre de Grace Mardi Gras parade. The first three images here catch three examples of waiting for it all to begin. It’s still a little light – well, one can’t have that, can we. Gotta wait for lights-out. The opening shot – Pat and Alan Fair stake an early claim on a ringside bench. Below, what appears to be mother and daughter taking advantage of the street music and a young gentleman with a large, impressive mask.

Adding two more from after the parade began, and well after dark (which because of heavy clouds was pretty complete). Here a couple of the spectators look like they should be part of the action…

Local Girl Scout Troop 2178…

Posted to the Mardi Gras folio where they are all full size HERE… The parade has had some pretty slim years – it is finally showing sigs of taking shape and coming into its own. This makes double the number of images of any previous year.