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Rogue Swan Enters the Silver Scream PDF eBook

Feb 15, 2023

Kinda big, but optimized for iPad. It’s in three parts – the first being exposures taken during the performance, in order of songs. The middle section takes you through rehearsals, from the beginning. Finally I include some really cool images from dress rehearsal, where I was able to get perspectives impossible with an audience present (wherein, on more that one occasion, I had t judiciously remove the head of a tall dude in the front row). Also included, the cast photo, individual cast portraits, info from the program, notes and more.

Anyone associated with the production who wants prints of any of these, just let me know. I’ll be happy to provide them.

This shoot was an exercise in low to low light photography. Extracting usable images from some of the exposures, at up to 51,200 ISO, was an instructive challenge. Below, the final image – JimmyO as “The Count” ending his reprise of Children of the Night with"

“What sweet music we make…"

LINK TO eBOOK also available on eBooks page.

Many of the images herein have never been posted as blog entries – thus they are not among folio images, as a few of those in the folio did not make the cut here. As far as a print version – it would take a great deal of reworking to accommodate the format, and be pretty expensive.