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Two from upcoming Silver Scream eBook…

Feb 13, 2023

Lots of images not yet posted in blog entries. It’s almost finished – just waiting on last minute feedback from Rogue, and subsequent adjustments. These two images were tricky little devils to process, underexposed even at the iso 51,200 setting. I wouldn’t want to have to blow them up any larger than they are here. Both are from dress-rehearsal, where I could grab some better angles. The intro shot is of three cuties emerging from their graves to join in in singing “Tonight We Live”. Leave it to Rogue Swan to make their walking dead so attractive to look at.

The image below, Katie and Nate in “Chainsaw”, could just be the kind of picture every married couple needs in their family album. My money is on a request for a copy.

The eBook, as with previous shows, features the performance, rehearsals, cast portraits, etc. Rogue Swan Enters the Silver Scream also features, at the end, more difficult to shoot angles from the dress-rehearsal performance.

Easter Island project book volume III is at the printer – hopefully we will be shipping out to Terry, Maruka and the Island Museo (via Terry) very soon…