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Carolyn Blazeck – an Other Peoples Art Posting

Mar 26, 2023

At Friday’s opening of Gallery 220 in town we spotted a ceramic and pine needle piece with a familiar look to it. Checking the exhibit catalog we confirmed that it was by Carolyn Blazeck, the same artist who made what still is Nan’s favorite Valentine’s Day present from me – four or five years ago now. But we were shocked to find that we missed entering it into our art collection database – ergo a picture wasn’t on my phone when I whipped it out. Arrrrgh. So I’m correcting that, and posting it here.

This piece – “White Leaf Pot” – is larger than it looks here, a little over 16 inches across and 11 inches tall. Iit took me from November to Valentines Day to pay for it on lay-away. I’m glad I did, as the artist’s prices have, justifiably, gone way, way higher (the same size piece in the exhibit is listed at $2,700). No longer in RiverView Gallery, her work is now sold through a web site called Cottage Curator, link: https://cottagecurator.myshopify.com/collections/carolyn-blazeck

Also on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolynblazeck

Nan and I have a another work layed away at RiverView right now – I hope to have it paid off by my birthday in late May. I’m not quite content with the “framing”, but that is an easy and, in this case, inexpensive fix. Can’t wait to post that one…