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Moonshine Hafla, Mardi Gras Edition – Denisse Bailla & Kalayla

Mar 3, 2023

Kalayla was back and I’m all to add more images of her to the folio. Denisse Bailla was part of this wonderful tradition for the first time. The intro shot is of Kalayla – quite a different performance from what we’ve seen before. She’s always a favorite of mine to shoot – instead of working myself to death finding the exposure that makes her look best, it’s a traumatic search for anything I can justify eliminating. This time, with Nan’s help, I managed to weed it down to three (we have different favorites).

Another thing about Kalayla is that her enjoyment of her performance is contagious – she’s a pleasure to watch:

Denisse Bailla was something of a surprise, she had some nice moves. At the same time she comes across as so charming – reminding us very much of performances on Easter Island, where everyone could dance, and did.

Added to the Hafla folio HEREstopping action for stills in bellydance can seem a lot like taking posed images, until one looks closer and sees slight signs of movement. I use a shutter speed that hangs right on the edge of being not enough and too much. Next time around I think I’m going to slow that down one notch.