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Moonshine Hafla, Mardi Gras Edition – Emily Gonzaga and Jaelynn

Mar 6, 2023

Emily Gonzaga, in the first shot here was solid green to begin with, with the veil illuminated somehow separately in rainbow coloring. The entire exposure of the second image was blue, with just a tinge of purple showing up in the veil. Needless to say they were a little bit of a challenge (to get a good color image one would have to take the b&w and use an on-line AI service to restore it to color).

I call Emily the "Spinning Demon” because she spins faster, longer and more often than any of the other dancers. She’s great fun to watch and photograph:

Jaelynn… I liked the original exposure of the first shot here in spite of the fact that it was in solid red light – that was fun. Then when she danced down the stairs at the end of the stage to finish up below. I grabbed this second shot on the way, in what looked like at the time complete darkness. The rest of her show proved even more difficult to capture – solid green light and a plethora of heads in the way. Live shows, hours of shooting with a heavy zoom can be exhausting. Me thinks an elbow brace to be in order.

Added to the Hafla folio HERE