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Moonshine Hafla, Mardi Gras Edition – Farah Fusion, Mystic Caravan and Anam Cara

Mar 4, 2023

The trickiest exposures at Haflas are of groups of two or more. There’s a lot of luck involved – one of the subjects falling outside the depth of field or moving too fast are the first concerns. Then there’s double the issue of facial expressions. But my real nemisis seems to be too much distance between performers to work  in a single shot – aargh. On three out of five of todays images I had to drastically reduce the distance between dancers – not the easiest of things (Nan simply said “fix it”.) I won’t identify the culprits, but the dancers can always check out their color jpegs.

The intro shot is of a group called Farah Fusion – I came up with three I liked for b&w. Two more below:

Mystic Caravan:

Anam Cara:

I’ll confess that it’s a lot more fun shooting individual dancers than ensembles. I’ve tried concentrating on one at a time in these and it doesn’t seem to work out – and I wouldn’t have individual names anyway. These have all been added to the Hafla folio HERE…