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Moonshine Hafla, Mardi Gras Edition – Sha'Vei, Katie Jacobsen and Lotus Sol

Mar 5, 2023

I repeat that it’s up to the ladies whether and if they post any of the color images I provide. Then again, it can be a awful lot of blue, green, orange, red and/or purple images. The girls do like their flashing color lighting. I can “usually” do something with everything except pink or pale blue. The intro shot is Sha’Vei. Here’s another below – she performed only down on the floor in front of the stage – I believe I’m the only one who complains about that. 

Katie Jacobsen… there always seems to be a sword dancer. At least they generally move a tad slower and more carefully, making it easier to get a shot. At least she was on stage, where I could get a full view. If I could I would donate a huge black curtain backdrop for the Haflas.

Lotus Sol… another group performing only in front of the stage, great for the priveleged few in front and supposedly for the performersn who want the personal touch but, awkward…

Added to the Hafla folio HERE