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Moonshine Hafla, Mardi Gras Edition – Sophianna Apergis and Naimah

Mar 6, 2023

Sophianna Apergis… wow, even her name is cool. Sophianna is new to our local hafla. I never know what to expect as far as lighting – or if performers request certain lights vs just what the lighting man thinks appropriate at the moment. But here, even with the color effects, there was consistently some white light on the subject – flesh tones, yay. This made for more than the average number of nice exposures.

I decided to add the following two for fun, reflecting the enjoyment Sophianna was evidently having with the performance:

Naimah… appears a number of times in the Hafla folio. Here I was working in full-on red and green light exposures. Looking back at exposures of Naimah, I see a somewhat statuesque nature to her. I have an old exposure of her at the Opera House, reaching up with her finger tips actually going above the background curtain – no one else come close. Now that’s some reach. I love the face and hair on the first one here – Nan prefers the second.

Added to the Hafla folio HEREonly our own April Monique left, she performed last.