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Rock of Ages at the State Theater…

Mar 28, 2023

I’ll admit that as much fun as it was to shoot Rock of Ages at the State Theater, I pretty much thought I would emerge with a small set of final images (other than the color jpegs I gave them). The show is pure fast moving havoc and I didn’t have the advantage of working off a pervious run-through, and knowing what the heck was coming. But it looks like I managed to catch a litte more than I thought.

 Here is the first of what promises to be at least three heavy postings. Damn, stage lighting is tricky. Since the troupe has three more performances this coming weekend, I’m rushing a tad here and takeing them as they come, without names (except for a couple that I already know) and/or what is actually happening. I’ll try to get Marion to get me a list of names as I go, and put them in the folio, the one that I realize now that I’m going to have to set up:

These are all full size, etc. in the State Theater – Rock of Ages folio HERE