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Rogue at Gallery 220 Opening

Mar 28, 2023

Four members of Rogue Swan provided some background for the opening of Gallery 220 in Havre de Grace Friday. Naturally I had to include the first image here, with their sign front and center– Katie, Qpril and Nate performing. Then I took a series of fun shots – using reflections in the piano top to make things a little more interesting. A couple more next time, but here are two of Katie Gordon singing – the first is Lilli and Nan’s choice, the second MINE. 

 For now the full size versions of these have been added to the Havre de Grace Miscellaneous Events folio HERE… Who knows, with Gallery 220 planning regular small entertainment events, it might could need its own folio.

Ps: well, that’s interesting. The blog will hit 3,000 “unique visitors” this month. The only real effect that has is to just make me feel guilty about being slow to get to the next posting (from what I can tell, it seems like “unique visitors is actually calculated daily, omitting only repeats for that day).