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Rogue Rehearsal at the Vandiver

Mar 21, 2023

I shot these mostly for fun – I can’t always be there to shoot Rogue’s Vandiver dinner-theater performances, so I tried the rehearsal for March’s St. Patrick’s Day Concert. It gave me an opportunity to grab a much shorter lens and stand wherever the heck I wanted. Big difference from using a longer lens behind heads, etc. Of course this makes it a little awkward as to what to actually do with the images, assuming there was anything worth working up – which there was. In fact, it will come to three postings.

For the opening exposure, I wa able to zoom in on Katie (check out the personalized “KT” on her mic cove) while catching L.H. James out of focus. The shot below, from a few moments later, catches Katie’s side glance at James singing his part. Notice that the heat wasn’t turned up, ergo the coats stayed on.

After that I figured I needed better closeups of Katie and James:

Side note: I found out that the L.H. stands for Long Hair, from a need to differentiate him from a number of others named James at the time. I can identify: at one point the old ArtQuest committee consisted of seven men (along with a few women). All of us were named James or Jim.

Two more of my favorite ladies to shoot – Moxie and Bre:

Added at the front of the Vandiver folio in the Rogue section HEREwhere they all appear full size.

All exposures from this rehearsal were made at iso 12,800 with my Fuji 16-80 f4.0 zoom, wide open at 1/250.