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El Gran Experimanto, iPhone and Belly Dance – Part I

Apr 7, 2023

We attended a nice Greek Night dinner at the Vandiver, where April Monique performed twice. Not really a camera situation, but I had my iPhone, and as others were using theirs, I decided on an El Gran Experimento. The first performance I shot at 1/40 of a second – exptremely slow for that kind of action. In search of the great blur image. I was shooting RAW+JPG in burst mode with my Camera+ app. Three hundred exposures later, I wound up with about a dozen worth keeping, fewer worth working up. The combination of slow shutter speed, only 12 megapixel resolution and having to shoot horizontally on far too many in order to extract verticals made for some real issues. In spite of all that, or because of all that, some of the results are interesting.

We whittled it down to five (I always consult Nan in working up images of the ladies). All are posted full size in the Belly Dance and Moonshine Hafla folio HERE

For at least part of the second performance, I set the shutter speed up to 1/250 of a second, but with a very high ISO, for such a small sensor, of 1250. I’ve yet to face the music on that challenge – the faster shutter speed should help, while the noise from the ISO could be devastating.