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iPhone faster shutter/high ISO – Part II of el gran experimento…

Apr 19, 2023

This posting took a whhile – even after a week of stmach virus. My first reaction, on seeing the exposures, was to give up on this part of the el gran experimento. Crap were they grainy and noisy – just what one would expect from high ISO iPhone work. But after a week I took another try. Believe me, I would never go into this again knowingly.  Talk about labor intensive. Anyway, I came up with five images – ranging from ISO 1250 to 2000. I face much worse than that with my camera regularly, but for a sensor the size of an iPhone, this is pure insanity. 

So here they are – shutter speeds were 1/200 to 1/250 of a second – decent for stopping some of the action. All are posted full size in the Belly Dance and Moonshine Hafla folio HERE

In conclusion I believe, if stuck shooting action with the iPhone again, I prefer leaving it on a slow shutter and simply leaning heavily on burst and a save percentage of less than 1%. The percentage doesn’t increase all that much with fast shutter and high ISO, but the work load more than doubles.