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Rogue Invades the U.K – Ladies in the Garage

Apr 26, 2023

Attended my first rehearsal for “Rogue Swan Invades the U.K.” coming up in June at the State Theater. It was in the “Garage”. Strange, it’s sort of an anti-Tardis, much smaller on the inside than it looks on the outside. Shooting in a crowded, noisy, dark room with wires and stands everywhere is something of a challenge. But I always seem to come up with at least a couple of interesting views – good thing these are show people and can ignore someone with a camera halfway up their left nostril.

I do have a few group shots, one showing the whole crowded room. But my main effort was to catch the four singing ladies (you do not really want to be in there when they hit that one high, almost screaming note).

For the intro here I used my favorite shot of Bre Lewis yet, and that’s saying a lot. Nan was surprised I even included it, until it was cropped, converted and finished – then she saw what I saw. I just hope Bre likes it (please)……

Below: Bre, Moxie and April. Once again, here’s hoping they like them……

Finishing up with, do I call her Jasper, in the back behind the transparent barrier on the big drum, with, if you look very closely, her dad JimmyO peeking our between light reflections on the right.

All full size in the NEW Rogue Invades the U.K folio HERE