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The Rogue Band Garage – Smaller on the Inside, and a little Scary

Apr 28, 2023

Just a couple more images from the first, but not the last, Rogue band rehearsal at “the Garage”. The Opening shot is just the entry door, it sort of sets the tone. The first shot below is very wide-angle – making it look like one can almost move in there. Navigation with a camera is a little tricky – fortunately they’ve gotten so used to me that it’s like I’m invisible, until I trip over or bumb into something.

Katie didtributes music, words and notes to everhone’s phones…

This is from the doorway, the first three are lined up, filling the left half of the small entry room – the other half is Lilli on music control equipment. 

All full size in the NEW Rogue Invades the U.K folio HERE

I have some fun shots from this season’s first rehearsal at Concord Point Coffee after hours – will try to get to those soon.