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Cast Portraits - 3

May 27, 2023

There will be another cast portrait sitting soon – these finish up the fifteen so far. The intro shot is of Marion “Moxie” Jackson. Subjects were sitting in the shade of a tree that wasn’t quite as dense as I thought. I didn’t notice it, but it shows up in the exposures. Slight variations in shade level added something of a three dimensional look to skin tones. Usually, with b&w, especially when make-up is a factor, one has to work to bring this out, but in this case it created the opposite issue, the need to hold it back a little. The end result is that the ladies almost look like they’re not wearing as much make-up.

Jeremy Hicks-Kachik and Bre Lewis

Will Conway and Jason Bock

All full size in the Rogue Invades the U.K folio HERE