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Time to Start the Cast Portraits…

May 24, 2023

At first glance, time to take the cast portraits for the program doesn’t seem like that big a deal.  Heck, they’re going to be a small inch by an inch and a half ovals, on regular paper. But I like to take the opportunity to overdo it a little. They pick a spot in the shade outside the rehearsal garage, hang a purple backdrop and take turns sitting for a couple of quick shots. It’s all fun. I got 15 of them so far – there will have to be a second sitting when Katie and Nate get back from Scotland.

I’m going to post these in the order I do them up – in the order the RAW files exported to my work folder. That will make for three postings of five each – of course I have to pick a favorite for the intro shot each time. For this posting it was a no-brainer. Arianna is new to the cast, so this is her first crack at this. Plus, she has dark, penetrating eyes and a great Mona Lisa smile.

The next pair are married, JimmyO and April, cast regulars (JummyO is also the drummer). April puts together the program, so I always cross my fingers that she like her portrait. When JimmyO sat down, I told him that I thought he said he was getting a haircut – he responded that he did (no, I didn’t ask which-one).

Here’s Jessy and Amy, leaving JimmyO to look even rougher as he’s surrounded by four beautiful faces…

All full size in the Rogue Invades the U.K folio HERE