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I'm Exhausted – the Cast must br ready to Drop…

Jun 14, 2023

Hours on end swinging a heavy camera and lens around truing to keep up with the goings on on stage, then an equivalent number of hours getting the jpegs out to Lilli and working up the needed B&Ws. I’m exhausted, but then realize that there’s no way I could keep up with what the cast does getting ready for this show. Anyway – Rehearsal Monday night left us getting home at 11:30. And now dress rehearsal this evening, wow. I had time today for the four in this posting – my favorite four from Lilli’s picks from Sunday’s session (she just now got me picks from last night). 

A couple more to come from Sunday and Monday – then Tonight (along with a couple from Monday) Will be bundled with Show night for performance shots. My access at the show will be limited to the long lens from the back.

All full size in the Rogue Invades the U.K folio HERE