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Pinball Wizard

Jun 30, 2023

Rogue’s latest show is proving a little different to process images from. Sure the venue was a little tricky, but been-there before. The big difference is the sheer number of segments to the show – three to four times as many numbers. Many can be covered with a couple of images, but not all. The solution, at this point, seems to be to (with minimal exceptions) try to hold to that pattern even for more complex numbers with pretty much the entire cast involved, and await putting out the PDF of the show for including more. There the overall plot becomes more important. Today’s posting of "Pinball Wizard” falls into that category – and again I am drawing from both the performance and dress rehearsal. There are as many images being held back for inclusion in the PDF as there are here. They will help tell the story:

Pinball Wizard was a feast for the eyes and ears. Constant, complicated, choreographed action. The opening image catches one of the dance moments. The next shot helps show what is happening, catching Arianna (the actual spinning ball) making her way in, around and through the cast as they mimic control levers and a pinball game in progress…

I did catch Jesse's leap into the audience area in the performance, but this is three of the final jump sequence from dress rehearsal – from a much better angle…

Added a little larger to their own section, in order of performance, to the Performance Folio HERE