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Rogue Swan Invades the UK - Cast Photo

Jun 20, 2023

So many exposures and so little time. I got pretty far behind on these – but now I can work on catching up. As far as rehearsal images go, those not done yet will probably not appear here – but will be included at the end in the PDF eBook of the show. Dress rehearsal images were shot from down right in front of the stage, at different angles, with my Fuji 15-80 (24-120 equivalency). As I put together coverage of individual numbers, I hope to be able to combine a few of those with the long-shot images from the actual performance for the Performance Folio. The State Theater venue is a little limiting on the long-shots, but makes up for that in making the short shots more convenient to execute in dress rehearsal.

In the past I always did the numbers in order, as I built the pdf – but this time, since I managed to post my “three quickies” between performance, I’ll begin by exponding those three numbers. This will take a while. There’s also a couple of side-shots that I really like that can ve ordered between numbers.

This posting is for the cast photo, taken just prior to the final performance. Then, sitting at one of the tables up front, we sat and enjoyed the show. Wow, it looked so much better when not looking through a camera. Nan, who very much serves as assistant and editor, and I both feel privileged to have a role to play – off stage. AND I get to do what I do – my B&W.

Rogue Swan Invades the U.K. Performance Folio HERE

First off I’m working up a series of images from “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, where KT and LH James sing and Arianna and Alex dance while Lilli performs in a Lyra Hoop far above the stage. Lilly picked just two shots – I replied that she wasn’t going to get away with that. I have eleven selected, from which I imagine I’ll end up with from seven to nine. Hence a need for a little time on the first set…