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Jun 26, 2023

Rogue Swan Invades the UK sported about twice as many numbers as most shows – a lot of the music was pop in origin, and therefore shorter in length. That makes for somewhere around thirty five separate performances to deal with. No way am I going to try and do them in order. Another complication I mentioned previously – dress rehearsal allowed for a short zoom while the actual performance only a long zoom from the back (heads galore). So I’m having to mine exposures from two separate performance for each number. Try to keep those exposure numbers in some kind of order. “Wannabe” features Moxie, Bre and April. Here’s two more I like…

This final is from dress rehearsal…

Spent some time yesterday organizing the process here – that way I can be putting together the PDF of the show as I go along.

Added a little larger to their own section, in order of performance, to the Performance Folio HERE