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Battle of the Saxes and "Goodbye Blue Sky"

Jul 13, 2023

Figuring out a title for the opening image was a hoot. I considered Size Matters, My Sax is Bigger than Yours and a few others. This little bit with Amy and Matt opened Act II. Off the stage, they were moving and not well lit – but I thought it kind of a cool shot – not to mention Matt’s prize possession, his antique baritone saxophone. And Amy’s is almost as big as she is.

The second shot here catches Katie singing Goodbye Good Sky, a number I’ll admit I’m not familiar with. Billed as KT, Josh Jimmy and Matt – I did manage to get Katie, JimmyO just coming in on drums, Matt and then Jeremy in the shot. Josh was on base guitar waaaaay on the other side of the stage…

Added a little larger to their own section, in order of performance, to the Rogue Swan Invades the UK Folio HERE

Nan and I went through exposures for aaaaall the rest of the numbers, adding our choices to Lilli’s. I’m pretty pumped over s few of the upcoming images (It’s a lot of fun working up the occasional wow-shot) – if still a little overwhelmed by the long list still ahead of me.