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"Because" and "The Chain"

Jul 2, 2023

Will still be tackling Rogue Swan Invades the UK for a while. As I mentioned some of these were shorter numbers with less going on than others. First here – the Beatles’s “Because” sung by the Barbershop trio, The Three Quarters (Ron, Ed and Matt). They don’t move around much, especially singing this number. I did swing the lens off to the sideline to catch Will and Jessy stepping back to watch the stage.…

“The Chain” was sung by Moxie, April, Alex and Caleb. Harsh lighting made for a full stage image a little lacking, but I managed to zoom in for closeups of the two ladies – I expecially like the intensity they put into the song…

Added a little larger to their own section, in order of performance, to the Performance Folio HERE