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"Bring on the Men" – and the Red Menace

Jul 12, 2023

Finally, out from under the bane of every Rogue Swan show, what I see as the red menace.“Bring on the Men” was performed (very effectively) with red stage lighting – effectively that is for the number itself and the audience. Not so much for the camera. The nightmare of red light alone when it comes to achieving gray tones. Dress rehearsal had the advantage of providing some house lighting to help offset that – just one of the reasons dress rehearsal is so important to shoot. I did manage to get these four that offer some degree of usability – after much work and angst. But they are needed. Hey, It is what it is… 

Added a little larger to their own section, in order of performance, to the Rogue Swan Invades the UK Folio HERE

Now I can get to the rest of the numbers and, as always with Rogue Swan, some really cool stuff. And with so much to work with, new gems will most likely emerge as I put together the pdf later.