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"Layla" and "Tattoos" – Nate and Caleb

Jul 7, 2023

If nothing else, this posting demonstrates beautifully some of the differences between shooting performance vs dress rehearsal. Performance lighting is harsh, leaving deep shadows in unexpected and awkward places, not to mention bleached out highlights. Lots of work to do there. Some house lights are left on during dress rehearsal – it acts as fill light, evening things out. At the same time, one can mount a shorter zoom on the camera and get one’s choice of angles for the shots at rehearsal, not so during an actual performance. Not that the performance doesn’t offer some great opportunities – I do prefer to work both.

The intro shot is Nate singing “Layla", an Eric Clapton song with something of a story behind it. It was shot during dress rehearsal – the next image was pretty much the best angle (and lighting) I could get during the performance two nights later…

Caleb sings “Tattoos” with Nate – the first shot was taken at an angle during rehearsal, making the two look much closer. The performance shot, taken from the back with a long lens, accents the separation that to the eye seemed natural. Plus, the harsh lighting…

Added a little larger to their own section, in order of performance, to the Rogue Swan Invades the UK Folio HERE