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Maria Annegarn – My Happy Place No.2

Aug 26, 2023

An Other People’s Art posting. We can’t help it – we just acquired another work from a local artist. This work is by Maria Annegarn, who shows in RiverView Gallery in town (where we both show). She just recently brought in a few major piecesm to go along with the myriad of smaller gems. We already have some of her “people” figures – a favorite being a neat ledy on a bench, with a large handbag. 

This one is called “My Happy Place No. 2” The movable figure perches on a large rock, among an arrangeable grouping of smaller stones. She holds heart-shaped stone in her lap (which can be changed). The base is 6X9 inches, with a height, including the plume, of 12. It was a toss-up between this and one other (tha some lucky cus will end up with) – it took Nan foreeeeeeever to decide. The one issue with this one being that the fact we havea cat means some limitations on where we can display it. 

We really enjoy adding to our collection…