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Rogue's 80s Show at the Vandiver

Sep 17, 2023

It had to be postponed, so it was pretty close to this week’s upcoming “Rosie Jack and the Bangtails Speakeasy”. This is the one we have been waiting for – though it should feature a somewhat different set of Rogue performers. As far as the 80s music fest, Lilli (Rogue manager) was kind enough to go through the exposures and pick a few favorites – saving me a little time. I’ll try and do up a couple to a few at a time until Thursday when I get to shoot all over again. I did these pretty much at random, except for the last one – for which I moved back t show how much the audience was getting into it (as much as 80's music is pretty much AFTER our time).

Will set up something in the way of a folio destination for these this week…