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Rosie Jack and the Bangtails – the Songbird and the Crooners

Sep 25, 2023

We saw the first performance of Rosie Jack and the Bangtails – all also members of the Vaudeville troupe Rogue Swan – at the Vandiver. They will be the main attraction New Years Eve at the Vandiver – we are already checking the site almost daily because, if this performance is any indication, that will sell out within a day or two of posting. Ouch. This was a Speakeasy performance – I haven’t asked yet the “tone” of New Years.

I’m doing this in sections – first two shots each of the Songbird and the two Crooners (my terms). Jesse comes first only because of the one shot showing the arms of a couple dancing. I like that one a lot – his shiny reflective suit, not so much fun for me to work with.

The next pair is Rosie Jack (or KT)…

L.H. James… the songs were apprpriate across the board, wonderfully danceable, but James’s late in the show version of Purple Rain was absolutely phenomenal…

I will create a Folio for Rosie Jack and the Bangtails by the time the second group – the musicians – goes up. The band was given the color originals (good, but yuck), so they might be suing some of them for promotion later.