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Tick Tick……Boom

Sep 8, 2023

I hate to do two postings in one day, but this one is time sensitive. I got in to see the final rehearsal-run of Tick Tick…Boom at the State Theater here in town – today (Friday), Saturday and Sunday. I converted a few of the shots into b&w – the show is a little more conducive to monochrome than most. Tick Tick…Boom is something of a switch from most local stage productions – it’s a 90 minute, three-performer musical. Surprisingly interesting, one of those every-line-is-important works. Plus – the three actors can actually sing (ok, especially Bre Lewis who I’ve often photographed with Rogue Swan). I’m moving quick here, so I’ll have to add the other two names here a little later. 

Names, left to right below, Mikey Floyd and Dan Michel.

For the intro shot I used the closer view of the three cast members. Below are a few more…

I’ll have to figure out later where in my folios to put these…