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Quick Grabs of Rogue Band at the Garage…

May 8, 2024

I poked my lens in the doorway a few times – rejoicing that my camera was back in operation. As far as me, almost there. I see the doc on the 13th when he’ll probably give me a heart monitor for a week or so to make sure I’m back to abnormal. Hopefully off the meds too. 

In the opening show the band, with Alex singing, is practicing the great Mariner’s Revenge for the Vaudeville in June. Then a couple of verticals – the first focusing in on April in the back. Her role in revenge is to hit the triangle at a couple of key moments – and that’s all. She’ll really play that up in the show. My job will be to catch it. The second was taken lthrough the glass.while JimmyO plays drums in the back…

All of these really open up seen larger in the folio HERENext some close-ups of band members followed by a quick shot of Katie and JimmyO, brother and sister, outside the garage…

Will on Viola had a lot of glare on him, softening the image considerably, Ron was probably the only one getting any window light.

One of the reasons I like to get these is that rhwt often use them on their own Facebook pages. As I’ve mentioned before, I give Rogue the color exposures right off the bat. But they almost always wait for the b&w. That makes it so much more fun for me. Jason, usually at the Keyboard, can be tricky to get a good shot of – easier when he joins Matt playing sax.

Again, larger HERE.